1-2-1 Driving school
1-2-1 Driving school      

Your driving lessons.

Working with the complete novice in mind with no driving experience.


1-2-1 will train you to a level beyond the standard required for passing your practical test. From the controls lesson through to tackling large roundabouts and driving on dual carriageways, you will be getting the best professional training available in the U.K.


We listen to what you want.

  • Do you have a deadline to meet and want to pass quickly? 
  • Do you want to take it one step at a time?


Lessons can be taken in either 1, 1.5 or 2 hour sessions and are structured according to your requirements, from an hour per week to an intensive course.  We however recommend that the pupil attends 2 hour lessons, in this way substantial savings can be made in training time.


As a rough guideline, on average we recommend that it would take a complete novice with no driving experience of around 40 hours of training from a qualified Approved Driving Instructor plus additional practice from family and friends to acheive the required level. 


With 1-2-1 our aim is to get you to the driving test standard as soon as possible.


Call our team today on:  +44 7944 011565 +44 7944 011565 and speak with an instructor to see how we can help you.


Failed your practical test?  We can help you......

  • Given up on passing your driving test? 
  • Not driven for a while? 
  • Lost your confidence?


Then why not try our refresher course?


Our instructors will will get you back into the driving seat and onto the open road sooner than you think!


We will bring your confidence back and improve your driving techniques in order to help you pass your practical test.


Call our team on:  +44 7944 011565 +44 7944 011565

Motorway lessons

These lessons are intended for full driving licence holders.


Areas covered include: Joining and leaving motorways, planning journeys in advance, safe speeds in different circumstances and conditions and identify the correct course of action should an emergency situation arise.


To book your motorway lesson please call us on:  +44 7944 011565 +44 7944 011565

   +44 7944 011565 +44 7944 011565  

Block booking discounts: You can book either 5 or 10 hours of lessons with 1-2-1 and we'll give you a discount!

+44 7944 011565 +44 7944 011565

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